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Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

Winner of the 1962 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Ingmar Bergman’s Through a Glass Darkly presents an unflinching vision of a family’s near disintegration and a tortured psyche further taunted by God’s intangible presence.

Winter Light(1962)

In Ingmar Bergman’s stark depiction of spiritual crisis, small-town pastor Tomas Ericsson (Gunnar Björnstrand) performs his duties mechanically before a dwindling congregation. Winter Light is beautifully photographed by Sven Nykvist.

The Silence(1963)

Regarded as one of the most sexually provocative films of its day, Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence follows two sisters as they travel by train with Anna’s young son to a foreign country seemingly on the brink of war.

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie

Vilgot Sjöman 1962

Vilgot Sjöman’s five-part television documentary on the making of Bergman’s 1961 Winter Light includes views of Bergman’s creative process and intimate conversations with the great director and members of his cast and crew.

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Special Features

* New high-definition digital transfers of the trilogy films
* Exploring the film: New video discussions with Bergman biographer Peter Cowie (Ingmar Bergman: A Critical Biography) focusing on the trilogy, the director’s inspiration, actors, cinematic style, and religious confrontations
* Essays by film scholars Peter Matthews, Peter Cowie, and Leo Braudy, plus a new statement from director Vilgot Sjöman
* Poster gallery for the films of the trilogy
* Original theatrical trailers
* Optional English-dubbed soundtracks
* New English subtitle translations
* Optimal image quality: RSDL dual-layer editions

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