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n another of his unusual and fascinating capers, Boston Blackie (Chester Morris, Alibi, Blind Alley, and Meet Boston Blackie) gets entangled with a former girlfriend, the murder of her husband, and a possible kidnap-extortion plot! His sidekick, The Runt (George E. Stone, The Face Behind the Mask, One Mysterious Night), is there when Gerry Peyton (Lynn Merrick, The Blonde from Brooklyn), Blackieís former flame, shows up with her baby, asking the two to protect the baby from her recently paroled husband. The Runt takes the baby, Blackie takes on the husband, and the chase is on, with Inspector Farraday (Richard Lane) and Sergeant Matthews (Frank Sully) at their heels. This fast-paced, surprising mystery wraps up in a tidy 60 minutes, but donít feel cheated ó they just donít make Ďem this way anymore!

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CO40136 Close Call For Boston Blackie DVD (1946/Chester Morris) $19.95