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It was during this season of the show that the close knit dynamic of the show began to slowly break apart. The show loses one of it's original cast members as Denise (Lisa Bonet) leaves the household for college. She's included in the show's theme song but appears only in a handful of episodes. Either way however this season is filled with some excellent episodes that are very funny. One of is "Bald And Beautiful", in which Cockroach ends up shaving his head when he and Theo believe they are to appear in a video by a rock band called The Mannequins. Another great Theo and Cockroach episode is "Theo's Flight" where the pair,inspired by a heroic story of the Tuskeegee Airmen become infatuated with flying until they learn the financial logistics of the matter and decide (wisely) to concentrate on growing up. This also features the first appearance of Kenny (known to Rudy as "Bud") and the beginning of their teasingly funny relationship. "Golden Anniversary" replicates the the family dance routine only it's James Brown's "I Got The Feelin" now and Theo gets a chance to showcase some fancy footwork.

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