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The DVD release of Three's Company's first season should be a cause for celebration for fans of the wildly popular sitcom; it arrives, however, just two months after the September 2003 death of star John Ritter, and so the DVD serves as a memorial to his comic talents as well as a long-awaited collectible. Launched on a six-episode trial run in the spring of 1977, Three's Company's first season immediately won over viewers with its racy scenario--a single man (Ritter) moves in with two single women (Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers) and avoids the wrath of his landlords (Norman Fell and Audra Lindley) by pretending to be gay--and double entrendre-laden gags. Regardless of whether you think it was one of TV's funniest or most puerile series, Three's Company did bring Ritter to deserved stardom and gave choice roles to veteran scene-stealers Fell and Lindley (later replaced by Don Knotts), and therefore deserves its place in television history. Anchor Bay's DVD includes unedited versions of all six episodes, as well as a featurette on Ritter.

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