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Ace Lewis and his gang of murderous desperadoes suspect that Pop Wiley has discovered the famous Lost Dutchman Mine. When he refuses to reveal the location of the treasure, they shoot him dead. His eight-year old granddaughter, Sally, witnesses the killing and flees into the desert. She is rescued by a half Mexican, half Irish gunfighter known the Irish Gringo. The Gringo soon finds himself hotly pursued by Ace's trigger-happy killers who are after Sally. But neither the Gringo nor the gunmen realize that the map to the famous mine is hidden in lining of the little girl's shirt! Pat Carlyle, who stars in The Irish Gringo, also wrote the screenplay (as Patrick Petersalia). Best known for his role as Nicki Romero in Marihuana (1936), Carlyle would direct the prostitution-themed exploitation classic Highway Hell the following year. Director William C. Thompson made his directorial debut and swansong with The Irish Gringo. He is best remembered as a cinematographer whose half-century career culminated with his work on Edward D. Wood's Glen Or Glenda (1953), Bride Of The Monster (1955), Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) and The Sinister Urge (1960).

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