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Hired by Wells Fargo to put an end to the holdups and lawlessness plaguing Dry Gulch, the Range Busters-"Dusty" King, "Davy" Sharpe, and "Alibi" Terhune-ride into town. Dusty is appointed sheriff and openly confronts the ruthless gang headed by Brad Decker, who vows to gun down the new lawman. As the outlaws grow bolder and more reckless, a violent confrontation becomes inevitable and the Range Busters face their toughest challenge. When producer George Weeks and star Ray Corrigan abandoned the "Range Busters" series in 1942 after 16 films, Monogram entrusted its continuation to production manager Bill Nolte, who bumped second lead John King to the top slot and replaced him with actor/stuntman Dave Sharpe. The personnel change boded well, as Sharpe's stunt work provided a much-needed infusion of action. Dave was drafted in 1943, having completed only three of the season's eight scheduled productions.

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ALP6443 Range Busters: Two Fisted Justice DVD (1943/Crash Corrigan) $5.99