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When is a house not a home? The Russell's think they've found a dream home, the perfect place to raise their kids, teenaged son Tyler and young, imaginative Gina. Before long, the dream house becomes a nightmarish hell, as haunting events rattle the family. Strange noises, broken toys, murdered pets- is it the work of the beasts Gina describes or a disturbed child acting out? Dr. Werner, a child psychologist, is brought in to help Gina come to grips with reality. But can Dr. Werner come to grips with the chilling truth- a vicious pack of creatures no doctor can cure? The house becomes a battleground between the new occupants and the ancient monsters beneath. Not since Poltergeist has a family fought so hard for their home and their lives, taking one final stand to keep their home from becoming... Inhabited.

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VLE51825 Inhabited DVD (2003/Malcolm McDowell) $9.98