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Russ Meyer's "tried and true" formula is on-target again...outrageously buxom women and dumb, muscular men laying their sexually aggressive prowess on the line. Yes, it's all here in Russ Meyer's UP! * Two-timers, cops, robbers, joints, and mind-boggling, bra-busting women * SWEET LI'L ALICE, foxy, and fertile * the HEADPERSON (Candy Samples aka Mary Gavin)...awesome abundance * POCOHONTAS...cantilevered, protuberant * the CHESTY YOUNG THING...conical, unrestrained * LIMEHOUSE...pneumatic bliss - oriental style * GWENDOLYN...what a pair of jungle drums * the GREEK CHORUS (Kitten Natividad)...the biggest and the best * and the "smothering" MARGO WINCHESTER...assault with a deadly bosom * plus the usual assortment of good lookin', virile, awesomely hung, klutzy men. There's always somethin' BIG about a Russ Meyer movie!

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