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Beautiful Pat Morgan has a hot date with the town's biggest playboy - millionaire Mark Townley. She's not trying to destroy her reputation or her happy marriage to Steve Morgan - merely pretending to be single to try to snare the lucrative Smoothie Cigarette account for the Morgan Advertising Company. Pat has been managing the agency for three years while husband Steve has been away fighting in the war. Trouble ensues when Steve returns unannounced to discover his charming wife, (sans wedding ring!) in the able clutches of "the big bad wolf." Things go from bad to worse when agency staff artist Vera, who secretly has designs of her own on Steve, manipulates the compromising situation to send the once-happy couple spiraling towards a Reno divorce. The Magnificent Rogue is a sophisticated and sexy post-war farce which boasts three beautiful actresses - Lynne Roberts as Pat, Stephanie Bachelor as Vera and scene-stealing Adele Mara as exotic dancer Sugar Lee. The "behind-the-scenes" glimpse of the workings of a Manhattan advertising agency circa 1946 are priceless.

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ALP5503 Magnificent Rogue DVD (1946/Warren Douglas) $5.99