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I'M ALL RIGHT JACK: When naive Oxford graduate Stanley (Ian Carmichael) is hired as a lowly employee in his uncle's missile factory, the factory's socialist shop steward Fred (Sellers) sees a great political opportunity. Soon, Stanley finds himself stuck between Fred's union and the family business, leading to an epic comedic tug-of-war! THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH: When their great-uncle dies, newlyweds Matt and Jean Spencer (Bill Travers, Virginia McKenna) inherit a dilapidated small-town cinema that comes with an eccentric staff including a drunken projectionist (Sellers), a dotty cashier (Margaret Rutherford) and an ancient usher/janitor (Bernard Miles). CARLTON-BROWN OF THE F.O.: When valuable mineral deposits are discovered on the forgotten British colony of Gaillardia, the Foreign Office sends bumbling envoy Cadogen de Vere Carlton-Browne (Terry-Thomas) to investigate. But while negotiating with the corrupt Prime Minister Amphibulos (Sellers), Carlton-Browne is convinced to split the tiny island in half, sparking a revolution that builds to an international nuclear showdown. TWO-WAY STRETCH: Criminal mastermind Dodger Lane (Sellers) is a model inmate at Huntleigh Prison until he and his cellmates hatch a plan to break out of jail, steal a sultan's diamonds from a military convoy and then break back into jail before morning. HEAVENS ABOVE! Sellers stars as Reverend John Smallwood, an idealistic prison chaplain who is accidentally assigned to a wealthy parish known for its popular sedative/laxative. When Smallwood insists on ministering to both rich and poor, he manages to somehow infuriate both groups - along with the entire town government!

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