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Uncork the complete first season of Falcon Crest, the popular, long-running series centered on the rich vineyards and richer people of Northern California’s wine country. Academy Award® winner Jane Wyman stars as winery matriarch Angela Channing, who will let nothing – family, honor, the law – stand between her and power. Co-stars include Robert Foxworth as Chase Gioberti, Angela’s upstanding nephew and rival, and Lorenzo Lamas as Lance Cumson, Angela’s scheming, playboy grandson. Meet the characters… indulge in the lifestyle…savor the first of nine seasons of vintage television melodrama.

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Episodes: 18 hour-long episodes In His Father's House A Time for Saboteurs The Tangled Vines The Harvest Tony Comes Home Kindred Spirits The Extortionist Lord of the Manor Dark Journey Victims For Love or Money Family Reunion The Candidate House of Cards Heir Apparent The Good, The Bad and the Profane Penultimate Questions Ultimate Answers

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