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Welcome to the wild North-West! Saddle-up the sled-dogs, buckle on the snowshoes and get ready to slap sealskin as the mighty Mountie, Cpl. Rod Webb (Kirby Grant, TV’s Sky King), sets out to tame the tundra. Side by side with his faithful companion, Chinook the Wonder Dog, Webb is ever ready to mete out steely justice to miscreants, while Chinook’s snarling vengeance awaits those who dare harm the innocent on their arctic beat. Drawn from the works of James Oliver Curwood, the stalwart Grant and the truly wondrous Chinook bring these snow swept variations on the Western to vivid life in this trio of arctic adventures, drawn from the hit Monogram series of pictures. Yukon Manhunt sees the pair tracking a murderous payroll robber, Northwest Territory sees them take a Dickensian turn while protecting a young orphan and Yukon Gold sees them battling a sinister gold-mine conspiracy.

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WAA324035 Kirby Grant & Chinook Adventure Triple Feature DVD (Yukon Manhunt/Yukon Gold/Northwest Territory) $17.99