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Townspeople are found dead, drained of their blood, leaving terrified villagers powerless against an unseen menace. The authorities are unable to explain the ferocious killings and a superstitious fear of bats grips the countryside. A kindly professor, unaware of the malevolent spirit that dwells within his own heart, undergoes a hideous transformation into a demonic vampire with an insatiable lust for blood. Only his hunchbacked assistant knows of the professor's dark secret as the murders increase and a cry for vengeance arises. A cinematic sibling to director Frank Strayer's The Vampire Bat, Condemned to Live treats the vampire theme seriously and with great sympathy. The film also features excellent performances, photography and dialogue in addition to impressive village sets "borrowed" from Universal Studios.

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ALP4159 Condemned To Live DVD (1935/Ralph Morgan) $5.99