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Where the Buffalo Roam (1938, B&W): Investigating a notorious gang of buffalo poachers, undercover government agent Tex Houston returns home and is shocked to find that the outlaws have murdered his mother. The town is run by crooked John Foster. Tex manages to get himself appointed marshal by boss Foster who is accustomed to having the law in his pocket. When Tex starts cleaning up the town for real, Foster launches an all-out shooting war.Beautifully filmed on location in Lone Pine California, Where The Buffalo Roam featuresnumerous musical interludes with Louise Massey and The Westerners. Tex is joined by Dave O'Brien and his real-life wife, Dorothy Short, as well as well-worn heavies Charles King, John Merton and Richard Alexander (Prince Barin from Flash Gordon). Starring Tex Ritter, Dorothy Short, Horace Murphy, Peewee Pollard, Dave O'Brien, John Merton, Richard Alexander Charles King; Directed by Albert Herman. Sundown on the Prarie (1939, B&W): Government agents Tex and Ananias are sent to Santa Fe to investigate a cattle rustling operation. Tex gets his first big break in the case when he captures gunslinger Hendricks, who was on his way to team up with gang leader Dorgan. By impersonatiung Hendricks, Tex is able to infiltrate the gang. He learns that the outlaws, armed with guns and explosives, plan to drive a rustled herd across private ranch lands. When the gang's stolen cattle pour through a narrow pass in the hills, Tex has only one chance to stop them before Dorgan can dynamite the pass and escape with the entire herd. This rarely seen entry from Monogram's Tex Ritter film library was salvaged from aging prints and preserved for posterity. Tex's leading lady in the film, Dorothy Fay, would later become his bride in real life and the mother of future television star, John Ritter. Starring Tex Ritter, Horace Murphy, Dorothy Fay, Karl Hackett, Charles King, Dave O'Brien;Directed by Albert Herman.

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