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For steadfast and forthright Hank R. Hill ("Not that Hank P. Hill who doesn't pay his Discover Card bill," he clarifies), these are the times that try men's souls: His presidential candidate of choice, George W. Bush, has a limp handshake. His wife, Peggy, and son, Bobby, prefer charcoal grilling to his precious propane. And a new co-worker from Oklahoma is hustling on the side, casting the clueless Hank (voiced by series creator Mike Judge) as her pimp. But the pleasure of King of the Hill is that we can always count on Hank to do the right thing by his town, his friends, his family, and his country. If he heads for the border to keep niece Luanne (Brittany Murphy) from voting Communist (she likes the candidate's red tie), we know he will turn the car around and make it to the polls with a minute to spare. If he gives Arlen High School's star football player an A so he will be eligible to play in the state tournament, we know he will be moved to stand up for his wife, Peggy (Kathy Najimy), who originally flunked him. And if Alabaster Jones (from Oklahoma City) comes to reclaim his "ho," we can be reassured that Hank will "mack daddy" him down. King of the Hill's fifth season chronicles another momentous year for Bobby (Pamela Segall), who turns 13, is disgraced, but finds redemption, as the school mascot, and saves the life of a drowning pig at the county fair ("Not this pig, not today!"). Pitiable Bill Dauterive (Stephen Root) continues to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, as his faithless ex-wife Lenore returns to louse up his budding romance with, yes, former governor Ann Richards (as herself), and he takes in a delinquent who takes advantage of him ("All the books about parenting are by comedians," he laments, "and I never know when they're kidding or when they're serious."). King of the Hill continues to fly under the radar. This three-disc set's only extra is a brief sneak preview of the series' tenth, and final, season. That's seemingly more effort than Fox's cracked marketing team expends on this underappreciated treasure. But check out season 5. When it comes to brilliantly funny character-based comedy, keen social satire, and virtuoso voice work, nobody messes with Texas.

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