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The not-so-good "Feebles" variety show has just scored a network special, with buxom singer Heidi the Hippo as the central attraction. Behind the scenes, it's another story: Heidi's lover Bletch the Walrus is cheating on her with a slinky Siamese, Wynard the Vietnam-scarred frog hasn't been able to get more heroin and is having problems with his knife-throwing act (you can imagine what happens), a rat is making pornos in the basement, a blue elephant is embroiled in a paternity suit with a chicken (guess what the kid looks like), Harry the rabbit has come down with a venereal disease, and new porcupine Robert has fallen in love with a beautiful chorus girl. To make things worse, Bletch is involved in a scheme with underworld drug kingpins, one of whom is a whale of a problem (seriously -- he's a whale). Heidi is pigging out on chocolate and starting to come unglued mentally out of fear that her lover doesn't care about her anymore. And when the curtain goes up, will the Feebles be able to get their acts together?

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