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Hammer wasn't just horror. The legendary British studio is justly revered for its classic horror movies, but they actually made all kinds of pictures, and this first Sony collection of their best films presents four pulse-pounding adventures--all new to DVD--three of them starring Hammer icon Christopher Lee. He's at his snarling best as blood-thirsty buccaneers in the rousing swashbucklers THE PIRATES OF BLOOD RIVER and THE DEVIL-SHIP PIRATES. Then he warms up for his famed Fu Manchu series by playing an evil Chinese crime lord in THE TERROR OF THE TONGS. Rounding out the set is the rarely-seen THE STRANGLERS OF BOMBAY, based on the chilling true story of how the British attempted to vanquish the Thuggees, the notorious death cult that terrorized India for centuries. So strap yourself in for the most rip-snorting group of movies since Errol Flynn laid down his sword!

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CO24315 Devil Ship Pirates/Pirates of Blood River/Stranglers of Bombay/Terror of the Tongs DVD (1960-64/Christopher Lee) $24.95