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Thundering Thompson (1929, B&W, Silent): Greedy cattlemen, led by Bill Edwards, attempt to get sheepherder Marie Valerian arrested on trespassing charges. Deputy "Thundering" Thompson is dispatched with a warrant for the girl's arrest but quickly determines that Edwards' claim is false. Thompson defies the ranchers and gets a sound thrashing for his trouble, but the lawman has a few more cards to play before folding his hand. A simple, straightforward, stripped-down indie western made at the tail end of the silent-movie era, Thundering Thompson is packed with action. Directed by veteran serial and western actor Ben Wilson, it stars Canadian performer Cheyenne Bill. Despite his good looks and talent in the action sequences, he never caught on with moviegoers and faded from the horse-opera scene after making a half-dozen films, of which this is the only one known to survive. The Lone Bandit (1934, B&W): Starring Lane Chandler. Love Goes West (1937, B&W): Starring Arizona O'Neal.

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ALP6627 Lost Treasures of the West: Thundering Thompson (Silent) (1929) / Lone Bandit (1934) / Love Goes West (1937) DVD (Cheyenne Bill, Lane Chandler & Arizona O'Neal) $5.99