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DeepStar Six is a government run underwater facility, whose unlikely task is to locate a suitable site for a missile platform. The craft Seacat is sent to set off an explosive charge to prepare a prospective site for use. The explosion releases an unknown creature, from a cavern below. The creature is attracted to light, and extremely fast, and quickly takes out Seacat. The remote station Seatrack is the next victim, and is in danger of falling off a shelf, after being struck repeatedly by the creature. Mini-sub DSRV2 links up to Seatrack, and manages to rescue survivors, just before it topples from the shelf. Returning to DeepStar Six, the remaining crew regroups and is preparing to depart for the surface, when yet another catastrophe strikes, and they finally come face to face with the monster.

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ARSN11604 Deep Star Six DVD (1988/Greg Evigan/Miguel Ferrer/Nia Peeples/Taurean Blacque) $9.98