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Greg Bryk (A History of Violence) stars in the direct-to-video gothic thriller Living Death as the wealthy Victor Harris, a sadistic, incorrigible beast of a man whose sole pleasure comes from physically beating his wife, Elizabeth (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer's Kristy Swanson), and torturing the others who surround him. Because Victor refuses to grant Elizabeth a divorce, she and Victor's attorney, Roman (Joshua Peace) scheme to lethally poison Victor and blame his death on illicit drugs. The plot appears to progress smoothly, and Victor is quickly buried in the ground. But all is not well - for the substance has only driven Victor into a state of paralysis, that preserves his five senses and his awareness of the goings on around him. He quickly regains control and escapes from his earthly prison, then traps Elizabeth and Roman in a secret chamber in his mansion and prepares an ugly onslaught of vengeance. Erin Berry directs.

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GEP79723 Living Death DVD (2006/Kirsty Swanson) $9.98