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Black Demons Finally the seldom seen 1991 zombie film from Umberto Lenzi arrives stateside uncut digitally re-mastered and in English for the very first time. The Black magic rites and powers of Voodoo and the Macumba are used to reanimate the corpses of zombified revenge-seeking black slaves. Acting out of retribution the zombies tear rip and bite anyone in their path of vengeance. The Ogre Cheryl an American author goes on holiday with her husband and young son to an ancient cursed Italian villa. Cheryl slowly and shockingly begins to realize that an evil demon-like creature that haunted her childhood nightmares is real and alive; inhabiting the dark cavernous cellar of the old mansion they are living in! The Other Hell When a brutal series of murders plague a convent a priest is brought in to investigate the tragedies. As the remaining nuns become increasingly disturbed he must wonder if this is the work of a psychopath or that of the devil. Bruno Mattei of Hell of the Living Dead and Claudio Fragasso of Zombi 3 unite again to ensure this tale of "nunsploitation" and possession rises above the rest.

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TSDV0625 Other Hell, Black Demons, The Ogre DVD (1985/Bruno Mattei) $19.95 $17.99