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Following Roland Emmerich's controversial Americanization of the Japanese monster icon in Godzilla (1998), the Beast from the East comes roaring back in this sci-fi adventure tale. Yuji Shinoda (Naomi Nishida), a scientist devoted to researching Godzilla, is setting up equipment on a fog-shrouded peninsula with her daughter Io (Mayu Suzuki) and journalist Yuki Ichinose (Takehiro Murata) when everyone's favorite 180-foot-tall lizard appears from the sea and begins laying siege to a nuclear power plant. The military swings into action, but the monster's fiery breath soon uncovers an alien spacecraft; beings from outer space have come to take over the earth, and now Godzilla is our last line of defense against them.

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Special Features

Digitally mastered audio and anamorphic video
Widescreen presentation
Languages: English 5.1 [Dolby Digital] and 2-channel [Dolby Surround], French
Subtitles: English, French
Audio commentary
Behind-the-scenes footage
Theatrical trailers
Talent files
Interactive animated menus
Production notes
Scene selections

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