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In the Land That Time Forgot, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1918 science fiction novel, a German submarine holding American prisoners of war during World War I, veers off course. Lost at sea, the submarine empties its fuel supply and runs aground on an uncharted island in the Antarctic. The survivors find that the island contains an ancient oil refinery that can be used to fuel the submarine. The only problem is that the group of Germans and Americans have to battle gigantic dinosaurs and primitive cavemen as they make their way through the island.

In People That Time Forgot, Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne) sets out to find Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure), a fellow explorer who was lost during an expedition to the island of Caprone, a tropical oasis in the midst of the arctic. McBride arrives at Caprone to discover that Tyler is fending off tribes of savage cavemen, doing battle with strange prehistoric beasts, and contending with frequent volcanic erruptions.

* Closed Caption

* Original theatrical trailers

* Screen format: 16x9 widescreen (1.85:1)

* The Land That Time Forgot: English mono

* The Land That Time Forgot: English, French & Spanish subtitles

* The People That Time Forgot: English mono, French mono

* The People That Time Forgot: French & Spanish language subtitles

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