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When socialite Philip Bennett is killed in a violent car accident, his doctor performs an experimental operation to resurrect the dead man. The procedure is a success, but something goes terribly wrong. Philip's behavior becomes cold-blooded and brutal. Assuming the identity of a recently executed murderer, he unites with the crook's gang and leads them on a vicious crime wave. A professor suspects the impossible - that the criminal's soul has entered Philip's body. As Philip lashes out at society, the police are called in to end his deadly rampage. A low-budget reworking of the themes explored in Universal's horror classic Black Friday (1940), The Man With Two Lives features a strong performance by Edward Norris, who believably transforms from the well-loved family man into a merciless killer.

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ALP4369 Man With Two Lives DVD (1942/Edward Norris/Marlo Dwyer) $5.99