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The Monster that Challenged the World (1957, 84 minutes): Creeping dread! Crawling terror! Oozing Fear! The local beaches go from fun-filled swim-fest to horrifying slugfest when a horde of gargantuan vampire snails ooze their way into the water supply - and threaten to suck the life out of mankind! Packed with nerve-jangling "suspense and excitement" (Variety), this slimy sci-fi thriller delivers "superior monster action" (VideoHound's Movie Guide) that'll pull the most hardened sci-fi cynic right out of his shell! IT! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958, 69 minutes): Too terrifying to even have a name, "It" is a seemingly invincible monster that is hellbent on killing everybody on a mission to Mars. "A Martian by birth and Frankenstein by instinct" (Variety), this life-devouring alien brushes aside bullets and even nuclear blasts - making it the deadliest Cold War-style invader ever to hit the silver screen.

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MG91085 Monster That Challenged the World/ It! The Terror From Beyond Space DVD (1957/ 1958/Tim Holt/Hans Conreid/Marshall Thompson/Shawn Smith) $9.98