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Set in the year 2247, this value-priced collection of all 5 classic sci-fi films centers on bounty hunter Jack Deth as he tries to stop the villainous Martin Whistler, a terrorist who uses mind control to wreak havoc on the city of Los Angeles. Trancers I Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson, Near Dark) is a trooper in Angel City circa 2247, mopping up the last of the disciples of the evil Whistler, who uses his psychic power to trance and control those with weak minds. Whistler is in 1985 hunting down and trancing the ancestors of the City Council and Jack is sent back in time by inhabiting the body of his ancestor. With the help of Leena (Academy AwardŽ winner Helen Hunt, As Good As It Gets), he must find and face Whistler in a final confrontation. Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth Stranded in the 20th century after chasing a villain from the year 2247, future-cop Jack Deth discovers that another baddie, Dr. E.D. Wardo (Richard Lynch, Scarecrow), has also traveled back in time with a scheme to turn solid citizens into mindless trancers. Trancers III Jack, beginning to get his life back together, is time-jacked back to 2247, where he learns that the new trancer program is government-sponsored, and that his usual shoot-everything-that-moves attitude might not work this time. Trancers IV: Jack of Swords Jack finds himself in a whole new, more dangerous dimension, where he runs across a different version of trancers, who have taken control of this new planet. Trancers V: Sudden Deth In Jack s final round with the trancers, he must find his way home from the other-dimensional world of Orpheus, where magic works and the trancers are the ruling class.

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Special Features Bloopers Making of TRANCERS II Making of TRANCERS III Making of TRANCERS IV Making of TRANCERS V

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