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Gangster Dirk Barrington is responsible for the gunfire, gambling, vice and corruption in the small western town of Prospect. Ben Thornton, mayor and owner of the town bank, leads the decent citizenry in a call for shutting down Dirk's shady enterprises. Barrington retaliates by robbing the bank, hiding the loot in a nearby ghost town and starting a rumor that Thornton has stolen the townsfolk's savings. As an angry armed mob gathers around the bank, it's up to the Three Mesquiteers (Robert Livingston, Ray "Crash" Corrigan and Max Terhune) to recover the stolen money and get it back to Prospect before the town descends into bullet-riddled chaos. The second entry in Republic's exciting Three Mesquiteers series, Ghost Town Gold features the first appearance of Max Terhune (as Lullaby Joslin) and depicts the origin of his career-long collaboration with his dummy, Elmer Sneezeweed.

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ALP4958 Three Mesquiteers: Ghost Town Gold DVD (1936/Ray Corrigan/Bob Livingston) $5.99