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The Laramie Kid (1935, B&W): Rough and ready cowboy Tom Talbot jumps into action when he spies a bank robbery in progress. When confused eyewitnesses later identify Tom as one of the outlaws, he is arrested and sentenced to five years hard labor on a road gang. Tom's fiancÚ Peggy is determined to prove his innocence, and soon uncovers evidence that the mastermind behind the heist is none other than the president of the bank, Jim Morley, a discovery that puts her life in jeopardy. Unless Tom can escape from prison in time to save her, Morley will silence her for good. Starring Tom Tyler, Alberta Vaughn, Al Ferguson, George Chesebro, Snub Pollard; Directed by Harry S. Webb. Single Handed Saunders (1932, B&W): Cattlemen declare war on homesteaders. Barns are torched, wells are fouled and the owners are driven off their land. Not content with harassing and intimidating the poor farmers, the violent thugs shoot and kill Judge Jim Parker, the homesteaders' most powerful ally. Matt Sanders, a hard-working blacksmith, uncovers a plot by political fat-cats to snatch up all the land around town by foreclosing on the farmers' over-extended mortgages. Only a last-minute call to arms and a showdown in the center of town will finally settle accounts. Starring Tom Tyler, Margaret Morris, John Elliot, Glenn Strange, Fred "SnowFlake" Toones; Directed by Lloyd Nosler.

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ALP5655 Tom Tyler DVD Double Feature: Laramie Kid (1935) / Single Handed Saunders (1932) $5.99