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A nuclear explosion sets off a massive earthquake. An astronaut on a reconnaissance mission notices that the epicenter of the earthquake appears to be moving straight towards the heart of Korea. This is no ordinary earthquake - the legendary reptilian monster Yongary has been awakened by intense radiation. With martial law declared and the city evacuated, the army and air force battle the fearsome creature with tanks and rockets, but their weapons are useless. Ilo, a brilliant scientist and his precocious eight-year-old sidekick Icho must desperately attempt to devise a plan to save the city and defeat Yongary, the monster from the deep. Yongary was Korea's first entry into the kaiju movie genre. Although it drew heavily on the imagery and storyline of Godzilla, Yongary retained a unique regional feel that continues to impress viewers today.

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ALP4356 Yongary Monster From the Deep DVD (1967/Young Il Oh) $5.99