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A young and gallant Peter Graves stars in a extraterrestrial nightmare of the nuclear age. While flying over a routine atomic test in Nevada, Dr. Douglas Martin (Graves) spots a strange fireball on the ground. Suddenly, his plane loses control and crashes; the pilot is killed, but Martin survives, totally unharmed. A medical examination uncovers a mysterious scar on his chest, yet Martin has no recollection of the scar or the aftermath of the crash. His ordeal becomes even more perplexing when he inexplicably steals top-secret information from his military colleagues and delivers it to a cavernous area near the test site. Under restraint and injected with truth serum, Martin recalls the impossible truth: he was saved by a squadron of aliens with far superior intellects and monstrously bulging eyes! What's worse, the invaders are mutating insects and reptiles into gigantic carnivores in their bid to conquer the Earth! Killers From Space was directed by W. Lee Wilder (brother of Billy) who also produced Phantom From Space (1953), The Snow Creature (1954) and Manfish (1956).

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