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Nazis send plastic surgeon Dr. Melcher (Bela Lugosi) to Tokyo where he transforms Japanese spies into identical copies of prominent American businessmen. In order to keep their secret safe, the Black Dragons, an organization of fanatic murderers, imprison the doctor and plan his execution. The Japanese "duplicates" begin to commit acts of sabotage and destruction. The plan seems foolproof until the impostors begin to turn up dead on the steps of the Japanese Embassy. Secret agent Dick Martin (Clayton Moore) is brought in to investigate. He uncovers a trail of horror discovering that Dr. Melcher has been kidnapping, killing and even turning his victims into deformed monsters. Black Dragons is the third film in the infamous 1940's Bela Lugosi "Monogram 9." Clayton Moore, seen here in one of his early roles, went on to great acclaim as the star of the western TV series "The Lone Ranger."

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