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The Bennett cattle company is terrorizing ranchers and driving them off their land with their hired killers. Rocky Cameron, The Lone Rider, impersonates Butch Crane, a notorious gunslinger and manges to infiltrate the gang. But when the real Butch shows up, Rocky's cover is blown and he rides into the outlaw camp completely unaware that he is marked for death. Bob Livingston's best known cowboy role was Stony Burke, one of the Three Mesquiteer trio in the 1930s. He originated the character and appearaned in 29 films, more than anyone else during the Republic series' long reign. Livingston is also well remembered for playing Zorro in The Bold Caballero (1936) and the Lone Ranger in the 1939 serial, The Lone Ranger Rides Again.

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ALP6614 Raiders of the Red Gap DVD (1944/Bob Livingston) $5.99