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A desperate scientist will resort to anything, including murder, to continue his experiments. In need of money, the sadistic Dr. Satorius (Boris Karloff) accepts an offer from a millionaire's wife, Lady Von Clifford (Mona Goya), to murder her ailing husband, Sir Charles (Morton Selten). He injects the victim with a deadly poison, condemning him to a slow death. The millionaire alters his will to favor his son Roger (Arthur Margetson) before perishing, instantly making him the target of his stepmother's murderous intentions. From exotic Morocco to the glamorous French Riviera, the British-produced Juggernaut is an arresting thriller. Karloff is monstrous as the terrifying doctor, delivering haunting glares and an icy performance that coalesce into a surprise ending.

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ALP4466 Juggernaut DVD (1937/Boris Karloff) $7.99