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Long before Magnum, PI put Tom Selleck on the map, Charlie's Angels owned the world of TV private eyes. Nominated for 4 Emmys and 7 Golden Globes, including 2 for Best TV Series - Drama, Charlie's Angels was a truly rare overnight sensation. The forerunner to modern day shows such as La Femme Nikita and Alias, creators Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts capped off long careers as showbiz writers by penning the unforgettable story of three sexy and vivacious private investigators. Executive producer Aaron Spelling (linked to innumerable hit shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, The Love Boat, Melrose Place, Dynasty, 7th Heaven, and Charmed among others) played a prominent role in the pop culture explosion of this series which witnessed the immediate mass marketing of Charlie's Angels trading cards, posters, lunchboxes, and endless other memorabilia - including a full-length feature film of the same name two decades later (2000). Through the duration of the series (five seasons), the cast changed continuously as Charlie's angels became media stars in their own right and left to pursue various opportunities in modeling, film, and TV... Charlie's Angels centers around a group of gorgeous female ex-police officers hired to work for the Charles Townsend Detective Agency. A mysterious multi-millionaire with seemingly unlimited means, Charles Townsend communicates with his girls via speaker-phone and through the aid of his personal assistant, John Bosley (David Doyle). Charlie sends the girls on various undercover missions and dangerous assignments where they apprehend criminals and pursue justice with a vengeance. The original angels are Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson) who plays the role of the "smartest" angel, Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) who plays the part of the "street-smart" angel, and Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) who plays the role of the "athletic" angel. Together, they unleash their collective talents on the criminal underworld, putting their own lives at risk in process... As the show progressed, Jill Munroe left as a regular on the series and was replaced by her sister Kris (Cheryl Ladd). The following year, Sabrina left the agency to tend to her family and was replaced by Tiffany (Shelley Hack) and later by Julie (Tanya Roberts)... The Charlie's Angels (Season 1) DVD features a number of action-packed episodes including the series premiere "Hellride" in which the audience first learns of the mysterious Charles Townsend Detective Agency and the beautiful women who comprise the majority of its agents. When a female racecar driver suffers a questionable death, Charlie sends the girls out to uncover the truth. To get the job done, Sabrina poses as a racecar driver, and the girls discover the existence of a murderous conspiracy... Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Bullseye" in which the angels uncover a drug-ring owned and operated by two corrupt military officials, and "The Vegas Connection" in which the angels and Bosley travel to Las Vegas in order to catch a deviant con artist... Below is a list of episodes included on the Charlie's Angels (Season 1) DVD: Episode 1 (Hellride) Episode 2 (The Mexican Connection) Episode 3 (Night of the Strangler) Episode 4 (Angels in Chains) Episode 5 (Target: Angels) Episode 6 (The Killing Kind) Episode 7 (To Kill an Angel) Episode 8 (Lady Killer) Episode 9 (Bullseye) Episode 10 (Consenting Adults) Episode 11 (The Seance) Episode 12 (Angels on Wheels) Episode 13 (Angel Trap) Episode 14 (The Big Tap Out) Episode 15 (Angels on a String) Episode 16 (Dirty Business) Episode 17 (The Vegas Connection) Episode 18 (Terror on Ward One) Episode 19 (Dancing in the Dark) Episode 20 (I Will Be Remembered) Episode 21 (Angels at Sea) Episode 22 (The Blue Angels) By Britt Gillette ""

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