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On his way to a tour of duty in the Middle East, Lt. Paul Dumond meets and falls in love with a beautiful young woman. Upon his arrival at the training camp, he discovers that the woman is engaged to marry his best friend and colleague. Heartbroken, he sets his mind on his work, but finds that he has entered a conflict much greater and more heated then he expected. The natives are bloodthirsty and determined to eradicate the foreign army. When Dumond captures and executes their leader, he ignites the wrath of the warlord's brother, inspiring a vicious duel that will only end when one of them is dead. Director George Waggner snagged Dick Tracy lead Ralph Byrd for this tense, romantic, and action packed epic. Waggner went on to greater acclaim a few years later when he directed Universal's The Wolf Man.

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ALP4744 Drums of the Desert DVD (1940/Ralph Byrd) $5.99