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Western bandit Marlon Brando is betrayed by his partner Karl Malden. Released from prison, Brando learns that Malden has become a wealthy and influential lawman. Brando thirsts for revenge, but bides his time, waiting for the right moment to strike. In the meantime, Brando spitefully seduces Malden's adopted daughter Pina Pellicer. After killing a man in self-defense, Brando is publicly whipped by the powerful Malden. When Brando's old gang accidentally kills a child during another holdup, Malden has the perfect excuse to eliminate the troublesome Brando once and for all by hanging him. But that's not what happens at all.
This film is also Marlon Brando's foray into directing.

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ALP3307 One Eyed Jacks DVD (1961/Marlon Brando/Karl Malden) $5.99