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Captain Midnight is a 15-episode serial based on the radio adventure series of the same name. Captain Albright (Dave O'Brien), an ace aviator better known as Captain Midnight, is assigned to neutralize the evil enemy scientist Ivan Shark (James Craven), who is merrily bombing major American cities. Shark is after a new range finder invented by an altruistic scientist (Bryant Washburn). The scientist of course has a beautiful daughter (Dorothy Short, then Mrs. Dave O'Brien) who seemingly can't mail a letter without being kidnapped. With Captain America on the case, Ivan Shark finds his best laid schemes going "agley", and once more the world is made safe for Democracy and Ovaltine. Like many wartime Columbia serials, Captain America is hilariously and endearingly overdirected by former Laurel and Hardy associate James W. Horne.

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Special Features * Original serial trailers * Actor bios * Photo gallery * VCI serial promo * Chapter selection menu

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