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On a secluded island, a mad scientist concocts a horrific plot for world domination. When a group of teenagers land on the beach, they fall prey to her demonic scheme. The diabolical madwoman has developed a mind-control drug which turns humans into soulless slaves. Confined to steel cages, the teens listen helplessly as she describes her plan to rule over a planet of zombies subject to her fiendish will. Surrounded by vacant-eyed captives and brutal henchmen, the teens become victims to mind altering gas. An uprising is sparked by an escaped gorilla as the zombies turn against their master. A cinematic punishment from grade-Z auteur Jerry Warren, Teenage Zombies defies all logic and reason. This is a film so totally outrageous that new words have to be coined to describe it. Katherine Victor who plays the mad Dr. Myra went on to "great acclaim" in a series of Jerry Warren productions including the Wild World of Batwoman and numerous "Americanizations" of Mexican monster movies. Don Sullivan is best remembered for playing brave teenage heroes in such films as The Giant Gila Monster and Monster.

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ALP4074 Teenage Zombies DVD (1958/Katherine Victor) $5.99