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Exploitation genres collide when vampires and spacemen come together in this way-out horror adventure from director Al Adamson. A wave of gory attacks by fanged bloodsuckers sweeps the Earth, prompting an expedition to the planet where the infected blood of the vampire originated. Things get nuttier when this mystery asteroid turns out to be a nightmare world of dinosaurs, snake-men, mutant lobster creatures, winged monkeys and warring tribes of cave dwellers! Frequent film vampire John Carradine stars as Dr. Rynning, leader of the ill-fated space mission. The fun also includes dinosaur action (courtesy of stock footage from earlier Stone Age extravaganzas), Robert Dix and Vicki Volante as Ground Control technicians demonstrating how love will be made in the future, and narration by bizarre performance artist Brother Theodore. There's even a cameo by the cult director, Al Adamson, appearing in the opening reel as one of the night-stalking Earth vampires.

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ALP1051 Horror Of The Blood Monsters DVD (1972/John Carradine) $5.99