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House of the Living Dead (1973, Color): The Lord of Brattling Manor is anxious for his lovely fiancee to arrive and get settled at his foreboding estate, so he can get back to his monstrous laboratory experiments. His work has progressed from grisly vivisections of animals to include human subjects - all part of his quest to capture the very essence of the living soul as it leaves the dying body. His fiancee doesn't suspect that he plans to include her in his next bloody experiment. Starring Mark Burns, Shirley Ann Field, David Oxley, Margaret Inglis; Directed by Ray Austin. Terror At Red Wolf Inn (1972, Color): Sexy co-ed Regina is totally shocked when she wins a contest she doesn't even remember entering. A private jet whisks her off to claim her award - an all-expenses-paid vacation at a seaside resort. Two other female prizewinners are already at the beach house, which is run by a kindly old couple and their retarded grandson. One of the girls is about to leave and a champagne-drenched farewell party is held in her honor. When Regina wakes up that night and goes to the kitchen, she discovers the grisly truth behind the Red Wolf Inn's wonderful contest - and the hideously contented smiles on the innkeepers' faces.

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