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THE UNHOLY FOUR: Someone knocked a man out and left him for dead during a fishing trip in Portugal. That someone is either his fetching wife, or two business partners all sporting guilty faces after his unexpected return. Two more murders and a frame-up befall the quartet before an inspector closes the case. 80 min, B&W, 1.66:1, NR, 1954 A RACE FOR LIFE: An idol of auto-racing fans attempts a comeback after serving in the Air Force. When his former rival lies dying in the hospital, he must decide whether to continue in the Grand Prix or make peace with his adversary. Featuring race car greats Stirling Moss, Reg Parnell, John Cooper, Alan Brown, Geoffrey Taylor and Leslie Marr. 69 min, B&W, 1.33:1, NR, 1954

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Bonus Features: Photo Gallery, Bios, Trailers, Audio interview with producer Richard Gordon and Tom Weaver, Original Theatrical Trailer for A Race for Life

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