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Night of the Bloody Apes -- A doctor transplants the heart of a gorilla into his son's chest to save him from a disease, and guess what? His son Julio turns into a monkey-faced maniac who rampages the Mexican streets attacking people, especially voluptuous women. Feast of Flesh -- A masked psycho tears the clothes off of women and stabs them with syringes. The hip young people in the film dance to cool tunes, wonder who the killer is, dance to cool tunes, go the beach, dance to cool one point, right after finding a body, a couple says a couple worried lines about the killings, and the next second is TWISTIN' THE NIGHT AWAY TO COOL TUNES!!

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ID1822SW Night Of The Bloody Apes/Feast of Flesh DVD (1972/René Cardona) $19.98 $17.99