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Writer/director Victor Salva returns to his horror roots with this teen-slasher genre flick, one of several 2001 films produced by Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope studio. Gina Philips and Justin Long are siblings Trish and Darry, road tripping home from college across the U.S. and bickering all the way. Menaced by a truck on the highway, the travelers encounter the same vehicle later, and what they believe is a man dumping a human body into a drainage pipe. Investigating, Darry and Trish become the intended prey of an indestructible, supernatural creature hell-bent on eating them, a murderous local myth that is proving to be all too real. As they attempt to escape their bloodthirsty pursuer, the pair discovers that even the local police station is no refuge; they also receive some advice from a knowledgeable psychic (Patricia Belcher).

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Special features Behind the Peepers - Six Part 'Making of' Documentary (approx 60 mins). Deleted and Extended Scenes (approx 15 mins). Feature-length Audio Commentary by Director Victor Salva. Photo Gallery. Animated Info. Trailers. Scene Access. Interactive Menus.

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MG1002776 Jeepers Creepers DVD (2001/Justin Long) $14.98