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Season 1 PILOT: Seven men unite to save a Seminole Indian village from The Ghosts of the Confederacy, a group of renegade soldiers threatening complete annihilation. The Seven courageously defend the village from the pillaging soldiers in this electrifying series premiere. ONE DAY OUT WEST: J.D. (Andrew Kavovit) volunteers to serve as a sheriff when a Federal Judge comes to clean up the town, and Judge Travis enlists the Seven to protect it. WORKING GIRLS: The town takes in a group of 'working girls' escaping from their vengeful master. SAFECRACKER: An ex-safecracker traveling through town is forced to return to her nefarious ways by an adamant ex-partner. WITNESS: Mary's (Laurie Holden) young son visits, only to be haunted by his memories of a rogue townsperson. Erza's (Anthony Starke) con-artist mother comes into town. NEMESIS: Chris pursues the man he believes is responsible for the murder of his wife and sons. The rest of the seven try their best to keep Chris from doing something he might regret. A reporter follows the men around to get a story. THE COLLECTOR: The Seven get involved when a "collector," Guy Royal, attempts to buy a string of homes: the future home of the railroad. Royal's hired gun has a bone to pick with Chris over an incident many years back. Josiah (Ron Perlman) is excited with his former love, saloon singer Emma comes to town. MANHUNT: Vin takes the lead in a manhunt to catch an escaped prisoner who took a local woman hostage. The girl's father, the local preacher, seeks vengeance. INMATE 78: Chris is arrested and thrown into a gulag-type prison camp while intervening in the arrest of an innocent man. He's subsequently informed that the sheriff identifies drifters who look like they have money, and arrests them on trumped-up charges until their families pay the bail. Vin, Ezra and the boys search for Chris when he doesn't return.

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