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The Lifetime series Army Wives is one of the most immersive and best-acted dramas on the small screen. Season four of Army Wives shows the characters' growth over what has become an extended war in the Middle East, while spouses back home on the base (actually four wives and one husband) try to navigate the trauma and drama and other tolls that war takes. The cast is uniformly stellar, including Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy), Catherine Bell (Denise), and Sally Pressman (Roxy). The standout couple this season may well be Joan and Roland (the excellent Wendy Davis and Sterling K. Brown), who are struggling with Joan's desire to be redeployed--while Roland struggles to be both mommy and daddy to their little girl. Denise faces a true family crisis when her son, Jeremy (Richard Bryant, a tightly wound coil of pain and anger), comes back from combat forever changed--perhaps dangerously so. The direction and writing are excellent, weaving many story lines together seamlessly and making the viewer eager to tune in episode after episode. The boxed set contains a wealth of extras, including great gags and goofs and many deleted scenes. The best feature, though, is the lengthy featurette called Safety First, which details everything that goes into filming an episode. The location shooting in South Carolina, which lends so much authenticity to each scene, is detailed. And the viewer gets some great inside peeks at the creative process, involving the director, writers, producers, and cast members. Seeing the level of thought and detail that goes into every episode of Army Wives makes a fan appreciate the series all the more.

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Special Features Deleted Scenes Bloopers, Outtakes, and Gags Safety First: From Script to Screen Southern Cooking Army Wives Style

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