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Director Ted Nicolaou rewrites his original Subspecies story line and transplants it into the urban location of Bucharest, Romania. In this gothic tale, a wandering vampire named Zachary (subtly played by David Gunn) seeks revenge against the clan of vampires who crossed him over from mortal life. The abduction of acquaintance and young concert pianist Sofia (the charming Kirstin Cerre) lures him to the lair of Ash (Jonathon Morris) and his den of vampires living beneath a ritzy nightclub. In an interesting twist, the bloodsuckers do not commonly hunt down their prey in the outside world; rather, they seek them in willing bodies through the club, with whose owner they have dealings. Zachary seeks to free the terrified, imprisoned Sofia, who Ash has crossed over, and put an end to the clan's evil, decadent ways. In some instances, Vampire Journals suffers from melodramatic acting and overwrought dialogue, and conversation dominates overaction, but the combination of exquisite Romanian locations, Adolfo Bartoli's sumptuous cinematography, and Richard Kosinki's moody score will keep you watching. Another striking aspect of the film is that it is shot almost exclusively at nighttime, with the beautiful interiors often bathed in golden light; it offers a good representation of what living in eternal night must be like.

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