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A group of U.S. soldiers encounter a powerful supernatural force in this taut psychological horror film from Dead Birds director Alex Turner. Afghanistan, present day: a U.S. military unit is dispatched to secure a strategic road. During the course of their mission, the soldiers notice an ancient stone statue nestled deep in a narrow gorge. When one of the soldiers takes a shot at the sculpture, a vengeful supernatural spirit is awakened from its centuries-long slumber. Now, as the ancient entity unleashes hell on the unsuspecting soldiers, a simple mission turns into a desperate struggle against a force that won't rest until the entire squadron is dead. Shane West and Leonard Roberts star in a desert-bound shocker featuring J.K. Simmons and Callum Blue.

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Special Features * Closed Caption * Commentary with Director Alex Turner and Writer Simon Barrett * Deleted Scenes * "The Screenwriter Diaries: The Making of Red Sands" featurette * "Red Sands Set Tour with Noel G." Featurette

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CO24907 Red Sands DVD (2009/Shane West) $14.95