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Cattlemen are being terrorized by an organized gang of rustlers. The thieves sell the stolen livestock to a mysterious masked malefactor known as The Phantom Rider. Undercover government agent Mike Hoskins, enlists the aid of Spade Cooley when it becomes apparent that the Phantom is one of the guests at the man's dude ranch. Donnell Clyde Cooley, a child prodigy who began performing at the age of eight, was a classically trained cellist and violinist who turned his back on highbrow music and, as "Spade" Cooley, became known as "the King of Western Swing." Crashing Hollywood in 1938, he appeared in more than two dozen "B" Westerns over the next decade. In 1950 he starred in a trio of Western feature films, of which Border Outlaws was the last. The director, former ace stuntman Richard Talmadge, employs a novel approach to comedy relief, eschewing the customary grizzled sidekick in favor of five ranch hands (played by his acrobat brothers). In 1961, the King of Western Swing was convicted of killing his unfaithful wife, earning himself a life sentence in prison. Briefly released to appear at a 1969 charity benefit, Spade died immediately following his performance - just a few months before he would have been eligible for parole.

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