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6 Sensational Stories, 1 Shocking Collection! Woman in love with a robot! Aliens invade small-town America! Girlís blood brings immortality! Boy conceived from 3,000-year-old sperm! Get ready for amazing thrills and terrifying chills with six sensational stories, premiering on DVD in one shocking collection. Itís The Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Marathon thatís at once thought-provoking and fearlessly fun! The Android Affair: A young female intern falls for a robot used for surgical practices. Can she face operating on her android love, or will she risk her career to help him escape? It Came from Outer Space II: Aliens take over the minds and bodies of a small townís residents, where a brave photographer finds himself the sole survivor and ultimate savior. Deep Red: When the secret to immortality is discovered in a young girlís alien-altered blood, a detective must save her from a mad scientist out to exploit this lucrative fountain of youth. Evolutionís Child: After accidentally artificially inseminating a woman with sperm from a Bronze Age caveman, a doctor must protect the secret of the supernatural-powered childís ancestry. Night Visitors: A grad student finds herself on the run from nefarious agents, with her young nephew in tow, after discovering that her dead brother had stolen top-secret evidence of alien existence from a government lab. Control Factor: When a voice in his head orders him to kill his wife, a man must race to stop a government mind-control plot and save the free will of a nation.

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MC09002 Ultimate Sc-Fi Movie Marathon (The Android Affair (1995) - It Came from Outer Space II (1996) - Deep Red (1994) - Evolution's Child (1999) - Night Visitors (1996) - Control Factor (2003)) $19.98