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A one-night-stand between an artist with Asperger's Syndrome and a disillusioned young woman leads to an unlikely romance that helps them both to look beyond society's expectations and realize what they really want out of life in this romantic drama from director Nicolas Gray. His undiagnosed condition having slowly pushed him into the margins of society, Nelson struggles to visualize emotions on canvas that he cannot put into words. Meanwhile, Sadie grows dejected by the fact that she's well into her 20s with no real career prospects, and that life seems to be slowly passing her by. In the wake of a one-night-stand with Sadie, Nelson's emotions begin to swell up inside, inspiring him to paint with a newfound passion. Likewise, Nelson helps Sadie to realize that she'll never live up to the stratospheric expectations she has set for herself, but that as long as they're together, she'll always be happy. As Nelson uses his creativity to show Sadie how he really feels about her, Sadie struggles to make a break with the past so that she can finally be free to live and love on her own terms.

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Special Features * Extras Include: Documentaries "Austism Reality" featuring TEMPLE GRANDIN and "Diagnosis: Different" featuring John Elder Robison * Directors and Actors Audio Commentary * Deleted and Extended Scenes * Gag Reel * Trailer

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VF1045 If You Could Say It In Words DVD (2008/Marin Ireland) $19.95 $17.99